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The Tablet That Can Replace Your Laptop

The new and improved Microsoft Surface Pro 3 is here, launched in the UK on 28th August, it deals with almost all of the complaints made about the original Microsoft Surface Pro.

Compared with the Surface Pro, the Pro 3 has a 40% bigger 12in screen with 50% more pixels, it’s also a third thinner at 9.1mm and 120g lighter at only 800g. The original Surface kickstand had one rest angle, and the Surface Pro 2 had two. The Surface Pro 3 has a range of 22 to 150 degrees. The detachable Type Cover keyboard is also thinner, has backlighting and a 63% bigger trackpad. The size and weight are impressive as it is thinner than an iPhone 4S.

It’s also much easier to use the Surface Pro 3 as a replacement for a notebook and pen. Just click the pen-top and the tablet almost instantly turns on with a blank page in OneNote. The size and weight are impressive.

The Surface Pro 3 can work as a desktop replacement if you add the docking station, supporting full size USB keyboards and mice, and multiple display screens. However, while it’s big for a tablet, it could be considered small for a laptop or desktop monitor and the external screens would definitely be needed for prolonged use in our opinion.

The high 2,160 x 1,440 resolution screen means you can’t see individual pixels, it makes Windows 8 features very small. In fact, they’re not very finger-friendly even with the standard 150% scaling.  That might be a negative for some users.

Finally, the four-cell, 42 watt-hour battery should be good for about nine hours of use for light work with Wi-Fi on according to Microsoft.

The Surface Pro 3 costs £639, including the £44.99 pen. The Type Cover costs an extra £109.99 and the Docking Station £164.99. Overall it could be considered quite expensive but in reality, to purchase a high quality laptop you’re going to be paying around that price anyway.

Ultimately we believe it’s the best choice for people who need a device that can be both a tablet and a powerful computer all in one.   There are better tablets out there, and there are better laptops, but nothing that can do both as well at the Surface Pro 3; it’s worth a look.

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