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IT Security

We can help you with almost any IT security related issue you may be experiencing or are worried about.

An example of just a small range of security related issues we can help with are:

Ensuring all your devices have adequate anti-virus software and firewalls installed and configured correctly.

Help you configure your email server to reduce the amount of spam you’re receiving without blocking legitimate emails.

Helping manage and monitor staff usage of websites and social networking applications and potentially block or limit usage of these functions to certain hours in the day.

Helping your business ensure it has an easily understandable IT Policy document that details the rules and regulations concerning IT usage within the company.  For example it can provide guidelines as to how staff are to deal with potential IT threats or faults, devices that they are and aren’t allowed to attach to company networks as well as regulations concerning third party contractors and what requirements they need to adhere to in order to use your company’s IT system.  We’ve done many bespoke IT policies for companies and we can help craft one to match your company requirements perfectly (in plain English).   It’s a critical document and every business with staff or contractors should have oneIf you need data securely deleting we can provide this service together with a certificate of destruction.

Investigating potential network security breaches within your business.  Carrying out a security audit and penetration testing on your business’s network to see how vulnerable it potentially is and give advice on how to mitigate any risks.

We can provide IT security training to your staff members to better equip them to spot potential threats and how to react if they suspect they may have been compromised in any way.  This is often a very cost effective way to reduce many IT threats within your business.

As you can see there is a potentially huge range of issues we can help you with.  Simply email us on or contact us via phone on 0151 691 4926 to speak to one of our experts.

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