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IT Outsourcing

For many companies, the prospect of employing someone to take care of their IT systems can be expensive and stressful.  A designated IT Specialist can be a very expensive investment and having only one can lead to issues if they are sick, on holiday or leave the company.   You may feel that you’re in a situation where you need an IT Specialist but can’t afford to employ someone full or part time. 

We can provide you with comprehensive IT Support and we have a variety of solutions to fit the size of your company and your budget.

We can provide a bespoke package to support your company and make sure you’re receiving all the specialist need.  This will help ensure that your company is using your IT systems to their full potential.

If you outsource your IT services with Vigo we will help keep your staff working efficiently with little or no disruption to their IT systems.  If there is a problem with any of your systems we will be there.  If you need advice or information about systems or strategy we will guide you.  If you have budget restraints but want to expand your IT services, we are your solution.

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