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Case Studies

Solicitor moving to Cloud based services but experiencing issues…

A new solicitor client of ours contacted us initially as they had a problem during May 2012.  They suffered grave disruption as a result of their virtual server provider making major changes to their cloud setup.  Eventually they realised that the virtual server provider was not technically equipped to resolve the difficulties they were experiencing.

This is when the client contacted us to assist them as they simply could not handle any further disruption.

We sent our technical lead, Mike Lewis, to site to ascertain the problems.  He carried out an initial fast and effective temporary fix to get the clients systems back up and running without any further interruptions.

Thereafter Mike set out a detailed plan for the comprehensive reinstallation and reconfiguration of their exchange email server.  This work was completed a few days later and Mike remained in regular contact to ensure there were no teething issues.

Throughout the work Mike ensured that the client was kept up to date and aware of what was happening whilst communicating in plain English and not blinding them with technical jargon.  He worked harmoniously with the virtual server provider and cut through many obstacles that arose in order to get to the heart of the issue and resolve it.