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Amazon Fire Smartphone

Amazon has just thrown its hat into the smartphone ring by launching The Amazon Fire Phone, but in an already saturated market, can Amazon make waves?

The Fire takes its cue from the hugely successful Amazon Kindle Fire tablet.  Its unique selling  point is its integration with established Amazon services, especially Amazon Prime (A years subscription is included with the phone). It boasts 4 front facing cameras, and a custom Dynamic Perspective technology that it claims will offer users glasses-free 3D viewing experiences.

However low specs, under performance and a buggy user interface have led to middling to poor reviews. Users have complained of laggy response, over-heating and poor battery life. At 160grams its slightly larger and heavier than its iPhone and Samsung rivals and with a Quad-core Snapdragon chip it will not match their performance.

Are these just teething problems for Amazon or will its Fire Phone be an expensive folly?

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